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miserably frustrating experience for millions of americans, testified health and human services secretary this morning. >> let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> before congress, she says flat out -- >> clearly, i was wrong. sure, i was informed that we were ready to launch on october 1. >> she admits more testing could have revealed some of the problems affecting speed, reliability, and security on the website. >> somebody in your office oversaw this and received the product. and they either said this is the product we contracted and paid hundreds of millions of dollars to build or it wasn't. does somebody in your office -- >> i think that we can say that the products tested individually verified individually. >> clearly was an integrated system. >> they don't work well together. >> i used to write programs for a living. i developed software products for a living.
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if you are developing a system, if one program works together, it doesn't work, that's a system that doesn't work. >> new contractors are working to fix the problem and some of those problems are already fixed. still not good enough for some lawmakers. >> program crashed and burned at least three times and the user is still having problems. >> get up here, ma'am. it's been down the whole time we have been testifying. >> i want to say, get over it. we all agree that there are problems, but these are problems that i see being fixed. >> she says some have already seen the benefits of the aca, including young adults, seen yores on medicare and americans with preexisting conditions, but the issue of the website remains. in washington, mola, wusa9. >> she is confident in having glitches fixed by december 1. derek. >> jan, 58 million americans are currently on social
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security and the good news for them tonight, they are getting the cost of living increase in the new year. bad news, it's the second lowest increase in 1975. 1.5%. that also impacts veterans benefits, federal retires and people who collect security income. we are down to the final four in our frustration madness bracket on tell tonight's matchup is a duesy. number one seed, president obama and the u.s. congress facing off for a trip to the finals. log on to cast your vote and leave your comment. >> the washington post reports the national security agency secretly collects information that goes between the data centers of yahoo and google. the newspaper sites documents from contractor, ed snowden. those documents indicate the information collected by the nsa includes text, audio, and video. general keith alexander does dispute the post story.
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he says the nsa is not breaking into any data bases, but he does say google and yahoo are compelled to work with the government. just moments ago, the jury began deliberations in the sean taylor murder trial. the washington redskins star was gunned down in his florida home in a botched burglar back in 2007 and on trial in miami, the alleged trigger man, eric rivera, prosecutors say rivera and four of his friends broke into taylor's house saying the place would be empty. >> tonight the suspects and three armed robberies and two days in montgomery county are at large. as kristin fisher reports, the latest happened early this morning at the cbs on tuckerman lane. >> two masked men, one with a gun entered the cvs around 4:00 wednesday morning. confronted an employee and demanded money. >> both black males in their 20s. one was wearing a fake beard, another had a ski mask with the eye holes cut out.
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>> police say they ran out a few minutes later without getting any money. an employee followed him out. that's when one of the suspects turned and fired, but missed. that lucky employee. regulars at the cabin shopping center, they can hardly believe it. >> wow. >> very disconcerning. >> it's quite scary and unexpected. this is a very safe area. >> now what happened here is the second armed robbery in just three days in montgomery county. detectives now believe that the two men that tried to rob this cvs may also have tried to rob a bank in rockville just yesterday. surveillance videos show one suspect jumping over the counter as the other fires a shot to the ceiling. once again, the suspects were wearing masks and again, they didn't get away with any money. >> that is certainly something investigators are looking at now. to see whether this was connected. >> there is a third armed robbery at this bank along the rockville pike. police believe it's not connected to the other two. but for people who live here,
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that almost makes them feel even more uneasy. >> we have not had this kind of space of robberies in a long time or any time that i know and i've lived in montgomery county for over 40 years. >> i guess montgomery county isn't as safe as we once thought. >> kristin fisher, wusa9. >> if you know anything about any of these armed robberies, please contact montgomery county crime solvers at 1-866- 411-tips. again that number is on your screen. all tips are unanimous and you could get a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. >> a really frightening situation in southeast d.c. overnight when gunman broke into a home and held up to eight people hostage. some of the victims were assaulted. one man sexually assaulted. police are not saying if anything was taken, but that is not the end of that story. bruce johnson and photographer, danielle gil, was sent out to cover the story today. when a woman, that one in the window there, yelled things at
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them and then came outside and sprayed them with what appeared to be pepper spray and it escalated. >> bye. bye. bye. don't touch me. don't touch me. i've got her. i got her. i got it. >> wow, as you can see, things got a little more than just heated out there. fortunately, neither bruce nor danielle were hurt. we do not know that woman's name. >> new information tonight about that maryland couple fighting two parking tickets in
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the district. we introduce you last week, they have been arguing with tickets. today we are happy to report that d.c. dmv dismissed those tickets and we are still trying to figure out if the agency has addressed the damage those tickets did to their credit history. >> still to come tonight, members of a crime opposed to the name redskins got their chance to make the case directly to the nfl commissioner. >> the warmest day of the week arrives just in time for the trick or treaters to get out there and enjoy, but a cold front is on the way. i'll tell you when the rain will fall coming up in the first alert seven-day forecast. >> first, police catch up with a man they can call tom. he is suspected in more than 200 peeping cases.
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some police officers spent their afternoon handing out fliers. they are hoping that someone, anyone has information to lead them to the suspect who sexually assaulted two women yesterday afternoon. the suspect is described as a hispanic man about 30, slim build. he was wearing camouflage pants and a red ball cap. if you have information, call police. police say they captured the man behind more than 200 peeping cases in the last two years. >> i'm surae chinn in the kingstown area of alexandria, where fairfax county police say they nabbed a peeping tom who may be linked to more than 300 cases. police say not only is he
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peering into windows, but committing a sex act. >> i'm scared. i live alone with my dog, however, she'll bark. >> police arrested 40-year- old, michael mccarter of woodbridge and charged him with peeping into windows and watching women who were alone. police say he targeted ground level apartments with lights on and women between the ages of 20 to 50 years old. >> it is scary to think that all of us become vulnerable in that time and that place. >> at night when your lights are on, even if you don't think someone is outside, just as an extra precaution, close them and make sure you are protecting your own privacy. >> someone tipped off police after recognizing something in posted fliers around their community. that's when police turned their eyes on mccarter. in fairfax county, surae chin, wusa9. >> maryland may soon be joining a state making revenge porn a crime. that's when angry exes post embarrassing, intimate photos
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and turn around and charge victims huge sums of money to take those photos off. the practice is perfectly legal in most states. and today, one victim joined john carden at the university of maryland school of law to unveil proposed legislation to make it a felony. >> the anguish i felt over being betrayed, exposed, excuse me, and put in danger was multiplied every time i was told there's nothing we can do, no crime has been committed. >> if the law passes, maryland will join new jersey and california to make revenge porn illegal. we'll take you to the reunion for an american soldier and the man who saved his life.
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vo: "wrong" "too extreme" "senseless" meet the tea party ticket. together waging "ideological crusades" to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain even sponsored legislation the post says could ban birth control pills. and all three oppose comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. a tea party ticket - wrong for virginia families. independence usa pac sponsored this ad.
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i'm mark herring, candidate for sponsored this ad.nd i vo: this is what mark obenshain called a "common sense
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proposal." obenshain voted to force women to have a transvaginal ultrasound in order to have an abortion. called "intrusive," "medically unnecessary," and "government rape." the virginian-pilot said obenshain used the power of government to do something grotesque. and now he wants to be attorney general? mark obenshain: a real threat to virginia women. an american soldier's personal mission to save the life of a translator is paying off tonight. shares the story of his determination as it played out in arlington. >> the last time they saw each other, mat seller were in afghanistan fighting side by side against the tall taliban. >> i can breathe a sigh of relief for the first time in the five years. i got my buddy home.
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>> worry flew into washington's reagan national airport. the last leg on a 36 hour journey out of afghanistan. >> i was feeling very happy. did you ever think this was not going to happen? did you ever give up hope? >> i had a brother here to fight for me. and i was thinking i could make it. >> for zeller, it was a fight for his life. >> in 2009, my name was on the taliban kill list. >> he became a marked man after the two were caught in a taliban ambush in eastern afghanistan. >> we saw their truck was struck by an l.e.d. shooting the tall ban. >> zeller says that's what he shot and killed two insurgents that snuck up behind him. >> you saved my life. >> and you saved my life. >> we're even. >> his wife and two young
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children were among the last off the plane. it was zeller who helped make it happen. a promise to a man he said became like a brother to him, all those years ago on the front lines. >> what he promised to me, he did it. >> what did he promise? >> he promised me that they will win and he would bring me home. >> by all accounts, afghans who serve along u.s. forces, those who would kill insurgents to kill americans are now under dire threat from taliban retribution. >> when i was in afanistan, i thought i would get killed. >> after years of waiting, he and his family got visas under a special program for afghans and iraqis who fought alongside u.s. forces, but then two weeks later, crushing news. the state department revoked the visas. those involved in a case believe the taliban called in a bogus unanimous tip saying he was a threat. after seven years as an
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interpreter for u.s. forces, there was no safe haven. zeller refused to accept it. it was clear in our interview, he was tormented by what happened. >> he'll die. no question about it. he'll torture it. these people used to send us the body parts of interpreters that they captured as a warning message to our interpreters to quit now. >> and you can see that being janice's fate? >> after a massive effort, lobbying members of congress to force the state department to reconsider the family visas were reissued. the case is an -- >> thousands of people. we have been able to get out fewer than 10% of the people that we could have. the vast majority of people, if they wanted to harm americans, had all sorts of chances. >> visas were allocated for
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iraqis and afghans. just a fraction of those visas had been issued, leaving many in harm's way. >> called them islam, called them american spy. >> him and his family spent last night in a hotel, but they were set to move into their own apartment in virginia today. he says he is looking forward to sending his children to school where people carry pens and paper rather than guns. yeah, that is a better way to do school. >> i think so. >> yeah. looking at the weather right now, i'm kind of excited that tomorrow is going to be great weather for the trick-or- treaters. my daughter is going to do this for the first time. >> she is going to have a great time out there. nothing really to bother those trick-or-treaters, other than a breeze. let's start off with the michael and son weather cam and we are looking at a pleasant evening out there. right now it's 63 degrees with partly cloudy skies.
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the dew point is 53. so a little bit of humidity out there. we have fog this morning along with those light showers. very light winds right now. weather headlines overnight tonight, it will be mild and pleasant, lots of clouds in place, but we're not going to see anymore rain until we get late into the day on halloween. tomorrow will be the warm ears est day of the week. temperatures reaching into the 70s and it will be dry for trick-or-treaters as we head into the nighttime hours. we're talking after midnight when we'll see that rain and thunderstorm activity arrive. current temperature is 63 in manassas and leesburg. 63 in a lot of spots, such as frederic, 65 in fredericksburg and 63 in winchester. on satellite and radar, you can see our next approaching storm system, lots of rain. some severe weather, i don't think we're going to see severe thunderstorms with the system as it arrives. we will see some thunderstorms along with rain. not tonight though, partly to mostly cloudy. 50 to 55 with winds out of the
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southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, 50s and 60s under that partly cloudy sky. on the breezy side with winds out of the south. but those breezes pick up in the afternoon as the front gets closer, we're going to drive in winds from the south. that warms up the temperatures. 70 to 76 for the afternoon high. under those mostly cloudy skies. here's your spooky forecast for those trick or treaters and everyone is looking forward to that. a few clouds, maybe a sprinkle. but that would be later on in the night. the further in the night we go, the better the chance we see of rain. 64 to 69 as the kids are heading out the door for trick or treat. enjoy. now on friday, yellow alert because of the showers and thunderstorms, the cold front sweeping through early in the day. so by the afternoon, we'll see a little bit of clearing and then on saturday, we're back to green alert, it will be cooler and still a chance for a few sprinkles with a high of 65 degrees. in the first alert seven-day forecast, into the 50s we go on sunday and by the way, that's the day where you get to set
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that clock back and get an extra hour of sleep. looks like good weather for the redskins game. we'll see a return of the sunshine on monday and tuesday of next week. highs right around 60 degrees and then beautiful weather next wednesday with a high of 65 and partly cloudy. kristen is up next with sports. stay with us. presents...
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so delicious, they won't even know it's chicken. 50% less fat... 100% johnsonville taste.
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now, game on with kristen berset. live from the wusa9 cadillac
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sports desk. >> one day after redskins owner, dan schneider, is so strong on changing the team's name. nfl executives passed out the message to the indian nation. the group met with three nfl senior executives in new york city. after 90 minutes, they left the building disappointed. the league's executive quote, defended the use of a racial name end quote, but not giving up their fight just yet. they requested a meeting with all 32 teams during super bowl week. >> we believe it is a historic day. the national football league agreed to meet with us and recognize that it is an important enough issue to discuss this issue and today's meeting was certainly a first step. >> roger goodell was not there. he was traveling today. good news for redskins fans. his knee is just fine. on monday, mike shanahan told us griffin was sore.
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he got sacked in the fourth quarter. not so good news for the capitals. alex didn't practice today after suffering what the coach is calling an upper body injury. he plaid just under 20 minutes in monday's loss. the injury happened in the first period. he is listed as questionable on friday's game. and the terrapins might be cursed. out 8 to 10 weeks, fractured his left foot. the terps began their season november 8. a big blow for the team hoping to make big leaps this season. >> it sounds like the terps have a lower body injury. >> and they never -- no. that's all for us at 6:00. stay with cbs news. >> and we'll be back with your
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obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad.
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vo: "wrong" "too extreme" "senseless" meet the tea party ticket. together waging "ideological crusades" to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain even sponsored legislation the post says could ban birth control pills. and all three oppose comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. a tea party ticket - wrong for virginia families. independence usa pac sponsored this ad. mel tonight, maybe it's a good thing it's broken now it's
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federal health care website has security flaws. today the president took ownership -- >> i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. >> pelley: a top official adopted a new description. >> accountable for the debacle. >> pelley: nancy cordes is on capitol hill. sharyl attkisson learned details of the prelaunch test that failed. does head gear in youth football and soccer prevent concussions? dr. john lapook has maim or new study. christians are persecuted in egypt. their churches torched. marissa ward investigates. and in this town the sun doesn't rise above the ridge. now mark phillips reports thanks to a clever trick winter is is he bright they have to wear shades. ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.

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